English Sparkling Wine 2020 is here! 80 pages including analysis, tasting notes and profiles from 32 producers. #sixatmospheres definitive guide to the every best of what is happening in the UK and, in it, Coolhurst receives glowing recognition:

“Coolhurst are still somewhat under the radar as they ease into production. However, their second release – the 100% Pinot Noir Lady Elizabeth Rosé 2015 – is so delicious that they had to feature here based on that wine alone. I’m sure there will be plenty to write about in years to come if future releases prove as fine. The wine is a bit like the intriguing, mysterious cousin of another English Classic in style: Camel Valley Pinot Noir Rosé. Thank Ulrich Hoffmann for pulling off something superb in the winery.

100% Pinot Noir. This is one of England’s finest, a supremely elegant interpretation of the Pinot Noir Rosé style framing wonderful delicacy of fruit in a slightly more serious, developed light than some. A beautiful pale copper, the aromas of raspberry tart and sweet, delicate crabapple jelly and clementine are flecked with tiny touches of allspice and smoke. It’s so perfectly judged, with a beautiful clarity of flavour and a texture like taut silk. Fabulous and drinking perfectly with a little time in bottle.”

Our wine was then given a score of 17.5/19 which rated it between ‘excellent showing remarkable qualities in a number of areas’ and ‘world-class achieving top quality in almost all areas’.